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Dr. Lachgar gave an invited presentation in Jiangsu University

Date£º2013-6-24   Hits£º658

Abdou Lachgar, the professor of Wake Forest University USA, gave a wonderful presentation to the faculties and students of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in the school auditorium in the afternoon Jun 19th. The invited visit was arranged by the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Jiangsu University, and the presentation was managed by the Professor Ji-min Xie, the Dean of the School, many faculties, undergraduate students, and graduated students attended the literature report.
Dr. Lachgar's presentation entitled "Framework Engineering of Cluster-based Materials". Besides a briefly introduction the great significance and main development of cluster-based material during the past twenty years, Dr. Lachgar gave a critical review on the supramolecular self-assembly based on hexanuclear niobium cluster as the basic building units carried out in his own lab. The material based on hexanuclear niobium cluster maybe potential useful material for adsorption and catalysis. Dr Lachgar's presentation was full of humor and understandable, the attendees benefited a lot from the presentation. Dr. Lachgar also discussed with many concerned topics with the students during the presentation, such as studying abroad, research methods and attitude. After the presentation, Dr. Lachgar discussed the possibile cooperation between the two universities with the school leaders, which includ joint training of undergraduate students, exchanging training of graduated students, etc. He promised to submit proposal to his university once he back to the USA, the prospect of the cooperation between the two universities would be great.
Dr. Lachgar graduated from the Nantes University, France in 1987 and obtained his Ph. D. He worked in the Iowa State University and the Washington University as postdoc nearly three years. Currently he is the tenured professor at Wake Forest University. Dr. Lachgar has been engaging in the research based on clusters for nearly 20 years, many of his research published in popular journal, such as Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., J. Am. Chem. Soc., Chem. Commun., Inorg. Chem., and Chem. Mater, his projects were supported by the NSF USA due to his outstanding work.
(Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, International Office)
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