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Xiaohong Wang
Associate Professor,
M.S., Guizhou Industrial University, 1997
B.S., Anqing Teachers College, 1994
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Jiangsu University
Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212013, P.R. China
Tel: 13951404559
E-mail: xhwang@ujs.edu.cn

Research fields:
Her research mainly focuses on the development and application of natural macromolecular compounds, ectrochemistry ,and the preparation of nano composite material.
Published Papers:
1.       Determination of isoelectric point of modified lignin.Environmental Chemistry, 2001,20(6):624-625.
2.       Synthesis and determination of modification rate of lignin-amine.Shanghai Environmental Sciences, 2002.4:224-226.
3.       Synthesis of electrophoresis of cationic ligninamine.Chemical Research and Application, 2004.16(6):817-818.  
4.       Synthesis,characterization & catalytic activity of cross linked clay with Al 2O 3 & Ga 2O 3.Non Metallic Mines, 2005.28(5):11-13.
5.       Treatment of nitrobenzene containing wastewater with modified active carbon fiber. Journal of Jiangsu University:Natural Science Edition, 2005.26(1):76-79.
6.       Synthesis and emulsification of the cationic lignin amine.Journal of Jiangsu University:Natural Science Edition, 2006, 27(4):360-363.
7.       Studies on the surface acid properties of phosphorus-modified Hβ-zeolite.Mining Research and Development, 2006, 26(6):69-70.
8.       Grafting modification of the lignosulfonate and the acrylic acid. Journal of Jiangsu University:Natural Science Edition, 2007, 28(6):528-31.
9.       Modification and FT-IR study on lignin sulphate. Speciality Petrochemicals, 2007, 24(3):63-66.
10.   Study on grafting modification of lignosulfonate and acrylamide. Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences, 2010,38(16):8680-8682.
11.   Aminating modification of lignin. China Pulp & Paper, 2010,29(6) :42-45.
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