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Zhou Zhengzhong
Assistant Professor
Ph. D., National University of Singapore, 2012
B. Eng. National University of Singapore, 2007
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Jiangsu University
Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212103, P. R. China
Email: chezzz@ujs.edu.cn                

Research Interests
1.      Forward osmosis membrane technology
2.      Enantiomeric resolution using membrane technology
3.      Pharmaceutical & Biomedical separation and purification
1.     Z. Zhou, J. Y. Lee, T. S. Chung, Design of thin film composite forward-osmosis membranes with an enhanced internal osmotic pressure for internal concentration polarization reduction, Chem. Eng. J. 249 (2014)236-245
2.     Z. Zhou, J. H. Cheng, T. S. Chung, T. A. Hatton, The investigation of reversed enantioselectivity of a chitosan functionalized cellulose acetate membrane in processes with different driving forces. J. Membr. Sci 389 (2012) 372-379
3.     Z. Zhou, J. H. Cheng, T. S. Chung, T. A. Hatton, M. Toriida, K. Nishiura, S. Tamai, Enantiomeric resolution of Tryptophan via stereoselective binding in an ion-exchange membrane partitioned free flow isoelectric focusing system. Chem. Eng. J. 174 (2011) 522-529
4.     Z. Zhou, Y. Xiao, T. S. Chung, T. A. Hatton, Novel membrane processes for the enantiomeric resolution of tryptophan via selective permeation enhancements.  AIChE Journal 57 (2011) 1154- 1162
5.     Z. Zhou, Y. Xiao, T. S. Chung, T. A. Hatton, Effects of spacer arm length and benzoation on enantioseparation performance of β-cyclodextrin functionalized cellulose membranes , J. Membr. Sci 339 (2009) 21-27
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