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Dongya Yang
associate professor
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Jiangsu University
Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212013, P.R. China

Research fields:
She has conducted researches on waterborne polymer adhesives and coatings, preparation and application of nonlinear optical materials and the like.
Research projects:
Doctor Dongya Yang is currently presiding over several projects. Her major conducting projects recently as following.
1. Title: Synthesis and application of UV curing waterborne PUA/nano oxide coating.
 Agency: Jiangsu Planned Projects for Postdoctoral Research Funds.
2. Title: Study on waterborne polyurethane prepared with renewable materials.
Agency: the Natural Science of Jiangsu Education and Jiangsu Province Key Laboratory of Fine Petro-chemical Technology.
Published Papers:
1. D. Y. Yang, L. Han, H. Q. Zhang, F. X. Qiu, Monocomponent Waterborne Polyurethane Adhesives:Influence of the Crosslinking Agent on Their Properties, J. Macromol. Sci., A: Pure Appl. Chem. 48, 2011.
2. D. Y. Yang, F. X. Qiu* and P. Zhang ,Preparation and water resistance of crosslinked waterborne polyurethaneurea , Plastics, Rubber and Composites VOL 38 NO 1, 2009.
3. Yang Dongya and Qiu Fengxian, Effect of Silica Sol-Modified Nano-Calcium Carbonate on Polyurethane(Urea) Dispersions and Their Films. Polymer & polymer composites, VOL 16 NO 6, 2008.
4. Yang Dongya, ZhanQing, Qiu Fengxian, Synthesis and Electro-Optic Property of Intercalation Polyimide and Polyimide/ silica, 2008.2 nd .IEEE International Nanoelectronics conference
5. Yang Dongya, Qiu Fengxian, Zhu Fuhong, Wu Dongmei, Zhang Qinqin , Preparation and characterization of nano CaCO 3 modified with silica sol and study of its property , Rare metal materials and engineering , Vol.36, June 2007.
6. DONG YA YANG, CHUN PU HU, SHENG KANG YING, Preparation and characterization of waterborne poly (urethane urea) with well-defined hard segments, J Polym Sci. Polym Chem, 2005.6.
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