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Pengwei Huo

Associate Professor.
Ph.D., JiangSu University, 2011
M.S., JiangSu University, 2008
B.S., Zhoukou Normal University, 2006

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Jiangsu University
Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212013, P.R. China

Email: huopw@mail.ujs.edu.cn


Research Interests:

Synthesis and Application of Functional Semiconductor Catalysts in Environmental Remediation under Visible Light and UV Irradiation.
Selected Publications:
1.         Huo Pengwei, Yan Yongsheng, Li Songtian, Li Huaming, Huang Weihong. Preparation of poly-o-phenylenediamine/TiO 2/fly-ash cenospheres and its photo-degradation property on antibiotics. Applied Surface Science, v 256, n 11, p 3380-3385, 2010 
2.         Huo Pengwei, Yan Yongsheng, Li Songtian, Li Huaming, Huang Weihong, Chen Songtao, Zhang Xiaojie. H 2O 2 modified surface of TiO 2/fly-ash cenospheres and enhanced photocatalytic activity on methylene blue. Desalination, v 263, n 1-3, p 258-263, 2010 
3.         Huo Pengwei, Yan Yongsheng, Li Songtian, Li Huaming, Huang Weihong. Floating photocatalysts of fly-ash cenospheres supported AgCl/TiO 2 films with enhanced Rhodamine B photodecomposition activity. Desalination, v 256, n 1-3, p 196-200, 2010
4.         Huo Pengwei, Yan Yongsheng, Li Songtian, Li Huaming, Huang Weihong. Preparation and characterization of Cobalt Sulfophthalocyanine/TiO 2/fly-ash cenospheres photocatalyst and study on degradation activity under visible light. Applied Surface Science, v 255, n 15, p 6914-6917, 2009 
5.         Huo Pengwei, Li Songtian, Wu Chundu, et al. Study on Application of Potassiun Titanate Whisker Materials in Preparation of Photocatalyst. Chinese Journal of Recative Polymers, v 16, n 1-2, p 7-14, 2007
6.         Pengwei Huo, Yongsheng,Jin’an Yang, Jingbo Wang. Prepared CoSPc/TiO 2/float Pearls at Low Temperature and Photocatalytic Activity under Visible Light. 18th International Symposium on Fine Chemistry and Functional Polymers (FCFP-XVIII)&IUPAC 4th International Symposium on Novel Materials and Synthesis (NMS-IV), NM-59, p 346-347, 2008.
7.         Pengwei Huo, Ziyang Lu, Yongsheng Yan, Songtian Li, Huaming Li, Weihong Huang, Xiangyang Wu, Xiaojie Zang. Enhanced Photodegradation of Antibiotics under Visible Light on Fe 2+/Fe 3+ Immobilized TiO 2/fly-ash Cenospheres by Using Ions Imprinting Technology. Chemical Engineering Journal, V 172, n 2-3, p 615-622,2011
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