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Xiaohui Dai
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2008
M.S., JiLin University, 2004
B.S., JiLin University, 1999
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Jiangsu University
Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212013, P.R. China
E-mail: daixiaohui@ujs.edu.cn

Research Interests:
1. Biodegradable Polymers.
2. Polymeric Nanobiomaterials.
3. Targeted and/or site-specific drug delivery systems
Selected Publications:
1.       Xiao-hui Dai, Chang-Ming Dong, and Deyue Yan. Supramolecular and Biomimetic Polypseudorotaxane/Glycopolymer Biohybrids: Synthesis, Glucose-Surfaced Nanoparticles, and Recognition with Lectin. J Phys. Chem. B 2008,112, 3644-3652
2.       Xiao-hui Dai, Chang-Ming Dong. Synthesis, self-assembly and recognition properties of amphiphilic star-shaped poly(e-caprolactone)-b-glycopolymer block copolymers. Journal of Polymer Science:Part A: Polymer Chemistry 2008, 46, 817-829
3.       Xiao-hui Dai, Chang-Ming Dong, Huan-Bao Fa, Deyue Yan, and Yen Wei. Supramolecular Polypseudorotaxanes Composed of Star-Shaped Porphyrin-Cored Poly(e-caprolactone) and α-Cyclodextrin. Biomacromolecules 2006,7, 3527-3533
4.       Xiao-hui Dai, Huan-Dong Zhang, Chang-Ming Dong. Fabrication, biomolecular binding, in vitro drug release behavior of sugar-installed nanoparticles from star poly(e-caprolactone)/glycopolymer biohybrid with a dendrimer core. Polymer 2009, 50, 4626-4634.
5.       Wei Zhou, Xiao-hui Dai, Chang-Ming Dong. Biodegradable and Biomimetic Poly(caprolactone)/Poly(lactobionamidoethylmethacrylate)Biohybrids: Synthesis, Lactose-Installed Nanoparticles and Recognition Properties. Macromol.Biosci.2008, 8,268-278.
6.       Shuo Qiu, Hui Huang, Xiao-Hui Dai, Wei Zhou, Chang-Ming Dong, Star-Shaped Polypeptide/Glycopolymer Biohybrids: Synthesis, Self-Assembly, Biomolecular Recognition, and Controlled Drug Release Behavior. J Polym Sci Polym Chem 2009, 47, 2009-2023
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